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Divertimento Quartet + 2

April 30, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The next Divertimento concert is on Saturday April 30th at 3.00pm.

The Quartet are adding 2 players (Viola and Cello) in order to play 2 Sextets by Spohr and Brahms. Brahms (1833-1897) will be a familiar composer to most of you but Spohr (1784-1859) rather less so. As a contemporary of Beethoven he was a very successful and popular composer in his time but by the middle of the 20th century he was almost forgotten. His name was kept alive by two things. His Nonet was a great piece that survived in chamber music circles and he had a special mention in one of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas – The Mikado. The Mikado sings about his ‘Object all sublime – to make the punishment fit the crime!’  He mentions, ‘the Music Hall singer who attends a series of masses and fugues and ops, shall be made to listen to Spohr and Beethoven and classical sundry pops!’ Anyhow Louis Spohr was a highly prolific German composer in many genres but only wrote one string sextet (op.140 in C), one of the first to be written in this genre when he was in his early 60s.  Written in the revolutionary year of 1848 he attached a note to his catalogue of compositions, ‘Written in March and April at the time of the glorious revolution of the peoples for the liberty, unity and grandeur of Germany.  The sextet is written in the standard classical form that evolved in the String Quartet. There are 4 movements:   1. Allegro moderato. 2. Larghetto.  3. Scherzo moderato.  4. Presto, moderato, presto.

The string sextet was not a genre that attracted many composers and the two written by Brahms were a valuable addition to the repertoire. The first of these (in Bb op.18), written in 1860, is a splendid youthful work. There are the standard 4 movements:  1. Allegro moderato. From the opening Cello melody the warmth and richness of the sound texture is apparent.  2. Andante moderato. 6 variations on a strong folk-like theme.  3. Allegro mollto.  A brief but cheerful Scherzo.  4. Rondo poco allegretto e grazioso. A charming and gentle finale.

The reduction in concert playing opportunities due to the pandemic and cost of living increases generally have hit musicians hard. We feel the need to support their work so that we can continue to benefit from their high quality live music making.  We do not want to hike prices so that it puts concerts out of reach for some people and families so we are suggesting that we continue with our £15 adult ticket price but would welcome any additional donation that some of us feel they would like to make.  Also please encourage friends and others to attend our concerts to boost numbers and support our wonderful live music. Advance tickets in the Dairy and also On The Door.

Thanks to everyone,      Will Carnell.


April 30, 2022
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Entire Hall


Will Carnell

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