Hiring & Booking

Facilities & General Conditions…

Our facilities are available to hire, for very reasonable rates.  You can hire the large hall, the meeting room, and the kitchen individually, or as a package.  Special rates are available for local residents.

The hall can generally be used between 8am and midnight (2am on News Year Eve/Day).  Use outside of this time will require special permission.

When hiring the premises for public use, the hirer must be over 18 years of age, and, in addition to the hirer, at least two attendants (over 18 years of age) must be present at all times for activities up to 100 people.  Three attendants, in addition to the hirer, are required for activities over 100 people, and you may require more if there are a large number of children or people with disabilities.

You can only hire the hall for activities which aren’t dangerous to the public, aren’t sexually explicit, and which don’t cause damage to the hall.  You must only use the hall for the purposes that you told us you’re hiring it.

Licensing restrictions…

If you are planning on selling or providing alcohol at your event, you must specify at the time of booking, and you will need to complete a TENS Application for a Licensed Bar from TDC

If you are going to play any music, the hall has a PRS and PPL licence, although it is your responsibility to check that this covers what you are going to play.

If you are going to show any film, you must restrict it by age, in line with the BBFC rating.


From 1st January 2024 – Hire Rates – 2024

Terms and conditions of hire…

All our hires are subject to legal terms and conditions, and you can find these here:

Standard Conditions of Hire
Fire Safety Conditions
Additional Rules & Information
Kitchen Hire Rules and Conditions
Conditions of premises licence

How to book…

If you wish to book the hall, please contact secretary Sarah Vantreen on 01647 277411 or on sarahvantreen@gmail.com

The Hiring Agreement may be found here: Hiring Agreement / Booking Form